What Is Cloud Computing?

You must have heard of phrases like –the cloud, cloud computing, or cloud technologies— and may be wondering what the hell does it mean!

Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet.

In simple terms, it is the storing and accessing of data and applications over the Internet as an alternative to your computer’s hard drive. You make use of cloud technologies­—when you upload your pictures on Facebook, download videos from Youtube or store documents on google drive, OneDrive— to store your personal or business documents, files and photos could save you time, trouble and a lot of headaches searching for specific files when needed.

From a broader perspective, cloud computing encompasses the delivery of computing services such database, storage, software, servers, networking, and lots more over the Internet, which can be rapidly provisioned and released with a minimum management effort. It allows an organization –small or big—to outsource a potentially huge portion of IT infrastructures to simplify workflow and minimize budget without compromising efficiency.

Companies offering cloud computing services—such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon—are called cloud providers, and they typically charge for cloud computing services based on usage. Usually, monthly or annual payment is made for subscription, support, upgrades, and maintenance.

There are three main types of cloud computing service modelsSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (Paas)— and 4 major types of cloud computing deployment models which include, Public Clouds, Community Clouds, Private Clouds and Hybrid Clouds.

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